about africa for investor mouth

about the blog: 

the title of this blog references fela kuti’s 1975 album, noise for vendor mouth. recorded on the eve of nigerian ruler olusegun obasanjo’s rise as the second republic’s military ruler (he would eventually be elected democratically in 1999), kuti sought to animate and give life to his “kalakuta republic”–the compound that housed his recording studio, band members, and family– that was written off by the military government as the antithesis of the nigerian political, economic, and social establishment.

hoping to strike a similar chord as kuti, africa for investor mouth (AFIM) will take note of the many political, economic, and social developments across sub-saharan africa–a region often misunderstood by both portfolio and direct investors. AFIM will take a nuanced and unbiased approach to analyze in real-time the investment opportunities and risks in a region that is often overlooked by traditional investors, but whose gdp is equal to that of brazil or russia. AFIM will also do its best to predict what happens next, by giving you clear, well-thought out scenarios as to how events in question will play out.

from time to time, i will post interesting research  and working papers from different disciplines i come across that i find as particularly relevant to african current affairs. i’ve always found academic research fascinating. nevertheless, how academic research can shed light on current affairs is lost. if you come across a particularly interesting article, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with a link to what you come across.

about the author:

the author is a graduate of columbia university who studied the african political economy. he spent a year researching the responsiveness of foreign direct investment to predicted coup activity in sub-saharan africa between 1990 and 2005. he currently works at a leading risk consultancy specializing in sub-saharan africa, and has worked in east africa with the us government.


e-mail: africaforinvestormouth at gmail dot com.

twitter: @MheshimiwaJCF


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