back after a hiatus

hi all,

back after nearly a year-long break. i’ve recognized there needs to be deeper, forward-looking analysis on contemporary african political economy (my focus of study @ Columbia in NYC) and its relation to investment issues. hopefully this blog will fill that gap for those who would like to learn how to play the emerging africa space, as well as take advantage of opportunities the region presents. thanks to all of you who read my previous posts.

will be playing around with formatting over the next few weeks, in terms of aesthetics and analytical content. work with me here — i am welcome to feedback. will try to integrate shorter, hard-hitting insight, as well as longer reflections. i frequently speak with portfolio investors with interest in africa, so i’m in tune to the africa beat on the street.

i’m also a huge consumer of contemporary african culture–music, visual art, and dance in particular (hence this blog’s namesake), and will occasionally post links to artists and trends with which i’m currently obsessed. this song, which has an azonto beat and house stylings, has been on repeat for me this week. fun fact about myself–i almost became an ethnomusicologist.

one thing is for certain though, i will be posting much more frequently.

follow me on twitter, @MheshimiwaJCF.

let’s get talking about africa!

karibuni sana,



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